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It’s a week before the party and you still have to find a venue, book an entertainer, source catering and spend your evenings sourcing party supplies…. ouch!

I can help you decorate your event at a fraction of the price of an event stylist.

‘How?’ you ask.

I have created a number of themed Party Kits that contain everything you will need for your party (plates, favours, party props, balloons…you name it) and put them all in to a gorgeous box.

All you have to do is choose a theme and the number of the people coming to your party! You will receive a magical box to you within a few shorts days! Next day delivery is also available…see, I thought of you last minute people too!

I make up your Party Kits with pride and pleasure every time, giving you the ultimate value!

Let’s chat about your party today! I’m excited about it already.

Love Arina

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OK Magazine featuring Cherish Moments
Cherish Moments MK FM
Cherish Moments MKFM
Cherish Moments NEC Birmingham
Cherish Moments party kit box that the party kits come in.
Cherish Moments NEC Birmingham
Cherish Moments leaflet advertising the all inclusive party kits alongside This Morning Live magazine
Cherish Moments David Lloyd