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Hi everyone,

This morning, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Darren & Lia at MKFM to chat about Cherish Moments Party Kits & Party Supplies.

Check it out here: Cherish Moments Live with MKFM

We spoke about what we do and specially why we do it! When Darren asked why we started the business, I responded with ‘because we want to make people happy’. Truly, that’s the essence of it all. My personal desire has always been to do something that would bring some good in to this world. What better way than to celebrate with fabulous party kits & party supplies! Helping people celebrate their special moments with class and style is my passion! The idea of having to gather all your supplies from different places is a nightmare which is why I want you guys to have everything under one roof – whether it’s one of our themed party kits or if you like to make up your own theme you can always check out our Mix & Match section for individual party supplies.

I’ll be writing more about our journey, mission and passion in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in fab party ideas, party kits, party supplies and how to do what you love – visit our blog and sign up to our newsletter.

Love Arina

Cherish Moments


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