Cherish Moments Ultimate Unicorn Party Kit 8

Everyone is absolutely in love with Unicorns right now….and we don’t blame them!

Read on to find out how to throw a magical unicorn birthday party with unicorn party ware, decorations and amazing themed food!

Step 1 – Pick your party ware!

Pastel colours with a hint of glitter and some brighter shades of pink, blue, green and yellow is the best combination for a Magical Unicorn Party.

Check out our Magical Unicorn Party Kits to see how we’ve styled our party

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Cherish Moments Unicorn Party Kit

Step 2 – Pick your unicorn party decorations

Unicorn decorations must be a shade brighter than the pastel tableware and glitter is a must!

We used our high impact balloons along with the Supershape Unicorn Balloon for impact! We also added the stunning We Love Unicorns Bunting which is glittery gold with a hint of pastel on the love hearts.

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We Love Unicorns Garland
Cherish Moments Unicorn

Step three – Unicorn party food!

So you’ve chosen you partyware and decorations! Now, it’s time to prep the food. Themed unicorn party food add an extra magic touch to your party and it’s super tasty too!

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Unicorn Cake

Watch this video on how to make your unicorn cake 😍

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Unicorn Candy

Cherish Moments Party Kits include everything you need for the perfect party. There are smaller kits and bigger kits! You just have to add the cake.

Magical Unicorn Basic Party Kit

Magical Unicorn Deluxe Party Kit


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