Planning the Perfect Party Bag

Stylish Party Bags

Party bags can be a bit tricky!

You want them to look great and be full of fun stuff, but without costing a fortune. You perhaps want them to be something a little different too? At parties I often see children raiding the bags for sweets and cake and then discarding the rest. It makes me wonder why we put so much pressure on ourselves to create these gift bags, when really, are the children even that interested?

Of course they are! They love receiving these little goodie bags and to be honest we love making them and handing them out. It has a real nostalgia for our own childhood parties and is something that should definitely stay!

The key is to keep it simple and we have provided you with a few tips below:

  • Make sweetie bags and avoid the toys.
  • If you want to add toys keep it simple and fun for all. Bouncy balls and bubbles always go down well.
  • Individual cupcakes, cookies or other treats in a gift bag make a great party bag alternative.
  • Want to get away from party bags altogether? You could always create a sweet table instead, so that everyone at the party can join in and enjoy.

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