Birthday Traditions Kids Love

Birthday Traditions

Here are some unique and fun Birthday Traditions that will create lasting memories for your kids. It’s always the small things that count! Why not make 2018 the start of fantastic Birthday Traditions that your kids will look forward to.

1) Balloon Doorway Avalanche

There’s no better way to start their birthday than with a vibrant, joyful balloon avalanche! Cover the door from edge to edge with clear plastic and put balloons between the closed door and the plastic. When your child opens the door, all the balloons will fall into their bedroom and give them a big surprise!

Here’s more info on making your Balloon Doorway Avalanche.

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2) Balloons in the Bedroom

Sneak into your daughter or son’s room after they’re asleep and cover the floor with balloons – or helium balloons that will stay at the ceiling. Just imagine their surprised faces when they wake up!

Cherish Moments Birthday Party Ideas
Cherish Moments Birthday Party Ideas

3) Decorate your House for a Fun Birthday to wake up to!

I love to decorate the night before so kids wake up the next day surprised. This is an easy birthday tradition to set up in minutes!

Kids definitely get a kick out of birthday decorations, plus they’re inexpensive and add a lot of cheerfulness to every room I decorate. I love hanging balloons from the ceiling above the dining table, on the stair rail, and in their bathroom.

Cherish Moments Party Ideas
Cherish Moments Party Ideas & Surprises 

PS. It will never be the size of the party they remember, it’s how you made them feel on their birthday. And making someone feel loved and cherished doesn’t cost a penny with special birthday traditions.


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