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Our helium canisters are the perfect tool to easily inflate your latex and foil balloons and make your event look marvellous!

Helium Canisters FAQs How much helium will I need? You will find a visual guideline as to how many balloons each canister can inflate underneath the individual products above. This is only a guideline and is based on the assumption that all balloons are inflated to the recommended size. Overfilling will result in misshapen balloons and less helium to fill your balloons. Are the canisters easy to use? Yes very easy! Turn the valve on top of the cylinder and press the rubber nozzle down until helium release, full intructions are included with the canister. Can they be refilled? No, the canisters should not be refilled with any material. They are made of recyclable materials and should be disposed of at a recycling centre. How long will the balloons stay inflated? Typically latex balloons will stay inflated for about 5-7 hours without assistance, however if using 'HI-FLOAT Balloon Treatment' latex balloons can last up to 25 times longer. This could allow you to inflate balloons days before an event and keep your balloons looking fresh and fully inflated. When should I begin inflating latex balloons before my party? Only a couple of hours before unless using HI-FLOAT Balloon Treatment. Can the canisters be delivered outside the UK? No, we do not deliver compressed gas outside the UK.